Vidics is a free streaming site which is offering one of the biggest collections of movies and series to its visitors without being necessary to pay a single penny. The idea behind Vidics is pretty much the same with other streaming sites but this site really succeeded to deliver really great quality videos and that's why so many people love it.

The Vidics.Net that you see today is not the first Vidics ever created. The start of this free streaming site occurred a few years ago and even if it gained some popularity in a short time, it was shutted down by its creators from unknown reasons. Some people were nostalgic about this site and started soon to frequently visit similar sites but today it is finally the moment to get back to the original Vidics style with this new and fresh site.

It's a very rough process to keep online this kind of website because there are a lot of problem thats occur almost everyday. From bugs, harsh Google algorithm updates, viruses, attacks from hackers and many more, we are here and permanently working hard in order to maintain Vidics online and ready to serve you the best movies and series straight from our new HD database.

Currently, Vidics's collection contains approximately 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. It is not the biggest because we've seen sites with even 100.000 episodes like PrimeWire but it is however a massive database which can satisfy anybody who is looking for a great movie or serie to watch. We are updating our collection in every single day with the latest movies and episodes in high quality, so you can always come back here to watch the newest episode from your favorite show. It is important to mention the fact that we've also added English subtitles where it is necessary, talking about the foreign content like Dark, La Casa de Papel, Elite and more great tv series dubbed in other languages than English. We want to give everybody the chance to watch good productions even if they can't understand the language and that's why all the foreign content benefits of subtitles.

Vidics current design theme looks a bit like the old 123Movies because both of them are basically made on the same platform and they are also sharing the majority of features but we are happy to say that we've implemented on Vidics more new functions that will make your browsing experience even better than on other streaming sites. We are using a clean design with beautiful colors, everything is well organized so you can easily find what are you looking for, there are two search forms that can help you find your content faster by typing in the exact title of it and, not least, in the top of the site there are some dedicated pages for specific categories of content such as movies, tv shows, top IMDb, the list of genres, years and more that are waiting for you to discover them.

Watching movies and series on Vidics is very simple even for a person without experience with this kind of sites. After you've found your movie and you are ready to watch it, just press the middle play button (it is big enough so you can't miss it) and the movie will start running without interruptions or buffering if you have a decent internet speed. All our players are well optimized so they should work even on old devices or bad internet connection but will be better for you if you use a good phone/pc with a decent connection.

Sometimes you might encounter pops and ads on Vidics and this is because the video content published on this site is provided by non-affiliate third parties and we don't have any control over them directly but we always negotiate with them to keep the ad level as low as possible so our visitors won't be bothered by those ads. However, we recommend everybody to install and use any type of adblocker because this will make your browsing experience more smooth without ads. This applies to all kind of sites that uses ads, like news, sports, gossip, streaming and more so you might want to use an adblocker.

Besides AdBlock, another good precautionary measure, especially if you are living in a country where streaming online movies is prohibited by the law, is the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is not expensive and sometimes is even free if you find the right offer and it can make your connection with sites even more safe, secure and anonymous. This is not compulsory in Europe or USA but it might be in some countries so pay a bit of attention if you think it's necessary.

We have worked hard in the last months to create again this Vidics site with pretty much the same vibe as the old one because we know some people still miss it and they might like our new created site and will come back here everyday to watch their favorite movies and series. Now it's hard to get Vidics popular again after a few years of inactivity but we are doing more efforts in order to do so. You can help us a lot if you don't forget to share Vidics on your social media pages so your friends can find out about the best place to watch free movies and also you can bookmark our site so you can access it directly next time, without being necessary to search it on Google because these days the Google's search results might be incorrect very often.